Turn your smartphone in a microscope ocular.

If you’re up for some Sunday biological geekerys, you might enjoy this video introducing the iDu Optics’ LabCam microscope adapter, that will fit your iPhone into a microscope ocular to show the image on the screen. On my old blog ATCGeek, I wrote a couple of comments on the possible role smartphones might have in biological research, and described some Android apps for genome browsing, or that geeky idea to build a microscope with a smartphone and a couple of pieces of plexiglass. Despite the comment of many is that these devices won’t be of much help in wet and dry labs, we can affirm that they can still provide “a little help” in many situations, such as easying the visualization of a genome sequence when you cannot leave the bench, or just helping in a better and more comfortable visualization of a microscope sample, as in this case.

iDu Optics LabCam Microscope Adapter is mostly designed to work for iPhone, even if a Samsung S6 version is available. You can buy it on the website  via PayPal, or on Amazon, but the price is still someway prohibitive. All the models range around 250$. Ok, you might want not to go blind each time you have to view something on a microscope, but maybe this is not worthwile this price, that is the only read drawback I get to see in this amazing product.