The evolutionary level of human violence — Why Evolution Is True


There’s a new paper in Nature about the level of intraspecific violence in humans and other species, written by José Maria Gómez et al. (free reference and download below). The question is how often members of single species kill each other in the wild, and whether humans are outliers. It’s already gotten a lot of attention in the press, […]

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Welcome to the bioinformatics blog you are not looking for.

When I created, I was a master student in cell biology and bioinformatics looking for a PhD position or, to better say it, I was a 20-something-almost-30 random guy who was looking for his way in science. And in life. At the time, I was working on a computational genomics project for my thesis, and was in the serious need to improve both my English, both my bioinformatics knowledge. I then thought that there was no better idea than to open a blog in English, and start writing about computational biology, evolution, complex systems, and other things that I used to ignore. In a language that I barely spoke. Sometimes a stupid idea might work, and writing on atcgeek turned out as a truly fulfilling experience. I had the opportunity to explore new fields, learn new things, practice and improve my English (to some extent), and discuss with amazing people. Later on, I finally got a PhD position in Barcelona, where I moved from Rome at the beginning of 2015. The impact with a PhD project was tough. I started to work hard to fetch my first results, and soon I realized that I had no much time to keep the blog updated. Also, I joined the Italian community of Barcelona, and started a political project with some new friends I met, that is now proudly known as the Barnaut Collective, and devoted to do independent information about Barcelona and the Catalan Countries in Italian and (soon) other foreign languages.

Anyways, and under many points of view, things were not so drastically changed. The almost-30 guy became a 30-something guy, with a PhD thesis to carry on, but stoññ many things to learn and fuzzy English to improve. I started to think for a way to back to blog, and concluded that despite I was not done with writing yet, the atcgeek project was gone. I needed a faster, cheaper and more effective way to communicate my thoughts. The best option was to back to and open up a lighter blog, with a major focus on the content, and the mere target to discuss about computational biology with the readers. The time for PunkBiology had come. A simple bioinformatics blog that you were probably not looking for, but where some good discussions and funny post may show up from time to time. During the next weeks, I will try to recover my atcgeek posts, and start to write some new ones. As for now, welcome back to my posts, and welcome to PunkBiology.

Oh, right. Why punk biology? Well, I guess I will find some time to put down a couple of lines to explain why I am quite sure that bioinformatics is the “punk side of biology”.