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30 years of Art meeting Science. A lecture by William Latham.

Leopard jacket, a plastic red shirt. A kitsch style that only Brits can wear with unquestionable style. William Latham gains the attention at the first sight. Born in 1961, he pioneered the field of computer art, and got known for his organic artworks based on the processes of evolution. After having founded the Computer Artworks Ltd, game studio that produced the horror videogame “THE THING“, he joined the Goldsmith University of London for a Computer Art professorship. Being involved in a research project where he applies his evolutionary rule-based approach to the domain of protein folding, there is definetly no one better than him to explain the encounter of art and science in the last 30 years.

If you have an hour and half free, you can consider chilling with this amazing lecture, where prof.Latham will go explain the merge of art and science in several fields, such as architecture, dance, rave culture, genetics, creative development in video game and neurosciences.

Painting Darwin. Evolutionary street art in the Isle of Wight.

Just a small post to share this video. Sometimes human arts meet science and, when they do, the carachters that traced the shape of modern science become popular icons. And when street art is involved, these icons will be on the walls. And walls can talk more than one could expect. In this video we see the street artist Tony Trowbridge painting a Charles Darwin’s portrait on a wall in the Isle of Wight. The artist used an airbrush- stencil technique and realized a colorful, darwinful and amazing wall in the legendary island of Great Britain.

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