About PunkBiology

PunkBiology is just the simple diary of a PhD student in Bioinformatics. Formerly called “atcgeek”, this blog is aimed at reporting the most important advances in computational and theoretical biology, and thought to discuss the main topics in the dry side of life sciences. Eventually, few sporadic posts on culture, philosophy and politics might show up if relevant to science.

There are many reasons why “this is not the bioinformatics blog you are looking for”. On one side, this blog tries to escape from the usual borders the science community traced around the term “bioinformatics”, considering this discipline as just an inseparable part of theoretical biology, and the focus on the strict discipline might be quite lost. On the other side, as repeatedly mentioned, this is just the diary of a PhD student, and you might find some better blog around with a little effort.

Anyways, I bet that we might connect to make some good discussion, and some of you out there could be even have a good time in reading these pages.

12341261_787608424684606_2362573763348695675_nThe author

My name is Fabio and I was born in Rome in 1985. I am now a PhD student at the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) in Barcelona. My main research topics are around the impact of Transposable Elements in the generation of diversity in crops, and in the structural evolution of plant genomes.

Broken English alert

Please keep in mind that I am Italian, and I use this blog to improve my written English. Grammar abomination have a high probability to show up. I apologise for this and encourage the readers to correct me if needed.


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