Starting back over again. Welcome back.

It’s been a while in deed. I had to take my time to fix things in a lot of sides of my scientific life, and to feel ready to get back to my blog activity. In a 4 years- long PhD project, the second year always takes a little crisis along. Nothing special, and nothing really uncommon in the complex and diverse postgraduate world. I had to make up my mind on a couple of things, restore my initial motivation and organise my activity to close the ongoing projects and go further till the end of my thesis. Luckily, and thanks to some very important people that are close to me, I am now taking the courage to make some things clear and try and overcome my limits. Continue reading →


The evolutionary level of human violence — Why Evolution Is True


There’s a new paper in Nature about the level of intraspecific violence in humans and other species, written by José Maria Gómez et al. (free reference and download below). The question is how often members of single species kill each other in the wild, and whether humans are outliers. It’s already gotten a lot of attention in the press, […]

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