Starting back over again. Welcome back.

It’s been a while in deed. I had to take my time to fix things in a lot of sides of my scientific life, and to feel ready to get back to my blog activity. In a 4 years- long PhD project, the second year always takes a little crisis along. Nothing special, and nothing really uncommon in the complex and diverse postgraduate world. I had to make up my mind on a couple of things, restore my initial motivation and organise my activity to close the ongoing projects and go further till the end of my thesis. Luckily, and thanks to some very important people that are close to me, I am now taking the courage to make some things clear and try and overcome my limits.

During these two years in my PhD here are many things I have learned, and I guess I could make this post unbearably long and tedious if I had to mention them all. I will spare you from this, and I will limit (for now) in telling you how much I need this blog again.

The frantic run to fetch results to shovel into your next paper or to fill your thesis up, the department duties, lab meetings, seminars and all the rest, end up marking your daily routine, and the daily routine tends to overwhelm you. It really takes a moment to make you forget about how much depth study is important in what you do. Blogging on bioinformatics and theoretical biology gave me the opportunity to extend my horizons and explore widely (though not always deeply), all those shades of theoretical, computational and evolutionary biology. I will start back over again, little by little, maybe starting from commenting a new pipeline.


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