Organising the European #PlantScience Retreat 2016 in Barcelona.

There is no better way to come back to my blog writing than by announcing a couple of novelties. As someone may remember,at the beginning of January I joined the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) in Barcelona as PhD student. Along with other PhDs at the CRAG, I am volunteering for the organisation of the 2016 edition of the European Plant Science Retreat, that will be held here at the CRAG at the beginning of next january.

The European Plant Science Retreat (EPSR) is an international scientific congress organized each year by a team of local PhD candidates. The idea came in 2007 when PhD candidates from three European research schools in Plant Science (EPS in The Netherlands, IMPRS in Germany, and SDV in France) initiated an international collaboration to improve research, training and education of plant science PhD candidates in Europe. Yearly since 2008 this network organizes a congress “by and for” PhD candidates in the different associated institutes, which have highly related and complementary thematic.

This year, the EPSR will count its 8th edition, and after having been successfully placed in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and UK, this is gonna be the first meeting in the Mediterranean, and there is no better context than the ultra- vivid and prolific scientific environment of Barcelona.

We are now working on any aspect of the organisation, from the fundraising to the selection and invitation of the speakers, in a very challenging, but still instructive activity that we are putting side by side with our ordinary PhD bustle.

As for now, I can share with you the link of the provisional epsr website, that will redirect you on the active profiles on the main social networks. Updates will come very soon and I will return on this from time to time on atcgeek too.

I told you that I had a couple of novelties. Well, the second one it’s more about me. My first paper has been accepted and it is next to be published online. With a bit of patience I will be able to tell you how, some time ago, in Rome, we used to evaluate how good exercise is in a clinical picture of cancer cachexia.


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