Snapshot of a day like any other.

Wake up very early, of course sleepy, and stoned as fuck. The website has to be finished before noon, next congress brochure has to be sent even earlier. Fingers flowing fast on the keyboard, images, text, typo, adjustments. Why the fuck is the department mail not working? It’s time to collect your stuff already, destination university. Bus is not coming, metro is not coming. Metro is now coming, but is full, hot and smelly. Now I remember why I was so keen to leave this city. Come across a guy from your hood. He’s telling about his awful job at labor union. Now I remember why I was so keen to leave this country.

One-hour briefing with the head of Neurobiology to discuss the website. Lot of ideas, no time to realise them. Crossing the Sapienza campus, overwhelmed by memories. Meet some friends, call some other friends. See you in a few hours. And then straight to San Lorenzo Biochemistry labs to hail your master thesis supervisor. He looks older. Then wait for your friends, write down a couple of lines in a university library. Silence, anyone is studying here. Very pretty young girl around me. Actually anyone looks very young here. I look older. Fuck you everyone.

I am now sitting on a bench, faculty of Psicology. A police helicopter is smashing my brain and tearing apart what is left of my mental health. They are controlling a protest from above. This damn city is ruled by mafia and these retards spend thousands Euros to chase protesters. But there is nothing really strange about my day today. You know that you are a PhD student if you spend the most of your days trying to work ambitious projects in a very hostile environment. And during your holidays.


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