Getting back to blog.

Dear Fabio, welcome to your PhD. An this means welcome to whole genome analyses, cryptic pipelines, hundreds of python code lines, thousands of documentation pages. And Plant Biology. Yeah, Fabio. Welcome to all this. What? Did you believe that some time for blogging could be spared during your PhD? Well, you was not that wrong. But not right away.

I start this short blog post with this pretty outspoken message the Universe sent me in the latest months. The few readers I rallied during a little more than one year of blogging, may have noticed that my update rate has dramatically decreased.

Starting a PhD is never easy, and I must confess that my introduction to the lab has been pretty though, and I had to spend my big efforts to link up with this new situation. Of course, this little blog bone the brunt. Luckily, I have managed to find my way in my PhD project and the very first results are coming out.

From now on, I will have more time to share my thoughts here as I used to do some months ago. Let me just thank you for the interest in this silly diary once again.


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