Welcome back on atcgeek. Now from Barcelona.

I have written this post over and over, any time ending up quite a lot disappointed about the result. If you quit writing for a while, starting back off is all but easy. But the reason why I suspended my blogging during the last month is really worthwhile, as my life changed radically, and I needed time to figure anything out. I have now moved from Rome to Barcelona, awarded with a PhD fellowship at the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG), a pretty unique center in its kind, involving tens of groups working on all the shades of plant biology, and included in the amazing framework of the Autonomous University of Barcelona Science Park. My project, supervised by Josep Casacuberta, will investigate the role of transposable elments in phenotype determination, and I am already loving it.


During the last quarter of 2014, I saw the interest in this silly diary slightly, but steadly growing and, along with my best wishes for a bright 2015, I want to thank anyone who appreciated my blog, the ones who shared nice comments, and the ones who criticized my work, whose contribution to my personal growth is always fundamental.


I will back to the usual writing very soon, with the hope to enjoy further good discussions with commenters, and to learn somenthing from them. So, happy 2015 from Barcelona, and let’s keep in touch.