Boobs for Science is ready to expatriate. English version to come the next week.

UPDATE 12/8: Boobs for Science is online and available at

I have already described the “Tette per la scienza” project (from italian: “Boobs for Science”) in a previous post, and I have been most likely one of the firsts writing about this story in English. The international press has put a lot of attention to this provocation hailing from Italy, in which women show up in bra or topless while holding a paper with a Science fact on.  On Reddit, this story gained quite a lot success, and very soon the major journals dedicated their attention to this bizarre blog.

As the DailyMail and the New York Daily News published their comments on this story, the viral blog authored by Lara Tait crossed the borders of Italy to become yet another curious, brainy and funny idea spreading worldwide. The blog keepers were actually planning to put a blog in English aside of their original one in Italian language, and the flood of visits coming from abroad encouraged them to speed up its creation.

On September 30th, the blog admins asked the users to help them in the translation of the website, rallying hundreds of messages of people who accepted to help the exportation of this amazing project abroad. In a few hours, the admin announced to have enough collaborators to translate “Tette per la Scienza” into its English counterpart “Boobs for Science”.

Despite this runs a bit away from the scopes of my blog, I keep an interest in this project, because in the same planet where Sarah Pailin lives, anything goes in terms of Science disclosure. And if boobs are effective to get the people to appreciate the wonders of Science, shall the boobs talk for us.

I will update this post as I get to know the boobs for science blog’s address.

UPDATE 12/8: Boobs for Science is online and available at


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