Book now for hack.summit(), a virtual conference for developers.

Next week, December 1st- 4th, the big names of informatics will be online to discuss about coding and software development. The hack.summit() is an initiative aimed at supporting non- profit coding, and it is promoted by the online consulting service hack.hands(). On their website, you can scroll the list of participants, and the names are truly impressive.

Google Glass creator Tom Chi, Bitcoin inventor Bram Cohen, Brian Fox, who created the GNU Shell, Python Software Foundation president Alex Gaynor and even the Microsoft Executive Vice- President Qi Lu, will be online and available to talk with attenders. You’ll have the chance to interact and ask questions to speakers, getting in touch with an impressive cohort of top- level developers.

Registration is quite simple. You can decide wether donate a small amount, or use the Pay With a Tweet system. Revenues will be used to support nonprofits projects. Initiative’s goals are in fact to raise money for coding nonprofits, educate programmers of all languages and skill-sets and encourage mentorship among software developers.

I will definitely attend this, hoping to hear some good tip from the guy who’s running the foundation supporting my favourite language Python.

Up until now, the initiative broke a new record, recoiling more than 36k participants, and registration are still growing. So, do not miss this chance and join this amazing meeting and to meet your programming idol.

Click here to explore and register to hack.summit().

Click here to view hack.hands() website.


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