Boobs for Science: girls showing up in Italy to spread Science.

As someone out there may have noticed, we have an issue or two with Science in Italy. Unfortunately, our education system has been built on the idea that “culture is humanities, science is technic”, a terrible misconception dating back to the Fascism, whereas the “cultural level” of a person is evaluated on the basis of what he knows about art, history and literature only. This causes a poor interest in Science from the public opinion, and the spread of hoaxes and conspiracy theories. On the main social networks, profiles dedicated to chemtrails, “vivisection”, alternative medicine (as in “Baking Soda as a cancer cure”) and other crap, are dangerously spreading up, increasing people’s aversion towards Science. Luckily, someone is fighting back. I cannot help but mention the great work the guys at “Resistenza Razionale” (rational resistance) are making, along with many spontaneous associations of scientists and enthusiasts. Among them, a pretty curious, definitely hilarious, but still very interesting and effective project caught my attention.

Many people love boobs, and a picture showing up a well-made pair of soft bosoms, gets to be very attractive on the internet. What if you put some Science in? According to Wired Italia journalist Marta Magni, if you “summarize science and boobs, you get an explosion of good things raised to the nth power”. Tette per la Scienza, “Boobs for Science”, is a Tumblr blog whose description is pretty clear about the author’s intent : “where reason fails, boobs have a chance”. The deal is quite simple: women reading the blog are encouraged to send a pic of their boobs while holding a paper sheet with a Science statement on. Statements can range from a debunking up to a curiosity. So, you can find a gorgeous C-cup in black bra telling you that “gluten is harmless for non- celiac people”, or a topless that is pretty clear about the importance of GMO in fighting world hunger.

In the twilight zone between provocation and feminism, the blog’s author Lara, anthropologist with a passion for new media, is rapidly gaining the attention of italian blogosphere.

As the site began to spread,  controversy came along, with many people claiming with contempt that this is yet another way to scorn the female body. I really sense that the concentration of imbeciles trolling the internet is a bit higher in Italy, but that is just a personal opinion. In deed, I take this as a very smart and provocative idea, effectively reporting the embarrassingly shallow approach of italian readers to information.

In any picture, you may choose to stare at boobs, or explore the Science. This means that you may be someone interested in the nth boobs site, or someone interested in Science. It’s up to you. I am actually enjoying this quite a lot, since I am very interested in both 😀 .


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