An eye on Flow Cytometry Bioinformatics.

Being a bioinformatician graduated in Cell Biology, I am actually very interested in the merge of experimental biology and bioinformatics, and in finding a good theoretical framework to project effective computational solutions. Interdisciplinary research is getting to be more and more mandatory to tackle biomedical and industrially- relevant problems. That is why this article, dating 2013, caught immediately my attention. A very ordered and clear overview on flow cytometry bioinformatics, not limited to describe the state of the art, but meant as a quick and smart cookbook on how to carry on a computational analysis on flow cytometry datas. A very good read if you are looking for a practical introduction.


One Comment

  1. Well, we actually made it to be a Wikipedia article (as a PLoS-CB topic page), but I’m glad you’re finding it useful as a cookbook as well!



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