Software Carpentry. A great resource to learn scientific computing.

Software Carpentry is a volunteer organization founded in 1998, whose mission is to enhance scientists’ productivity by teaching them basic computer skills. From January 2012, Software Carpentry joined the Mozilla galaxy, to become part of Mozilla Science Lab in June 2013. The organization provides workshops in several parts of the word and free online lessons. Their focus is to teach the basics of some very useful in silico methods to scientists, such as structured programming (Python and R), numerical programming (NumPy), version control (Git, mercurial and SVN), unit testing and automated tasks in Unix, regular expressions and relational databases (SQL).

Most likely, you have heard about them, but I still take some time to report their amazing work. After a long experience in this, guys at Software Carpentery have developed a very simple deal with their customers: short courses at an affordable price. You pay them accommodation, put yourself in the mood to become more efficient and dedicate a couple of days to learn very useful scientific computing stuff. As they affirm on their website, courses must be short to meet better the needs of very busy researchers, and the workshop represent the most efficient way to learn. efficiency is actually the thing they care the most, and you may consider its importance in your work.

The truly amazing thing is that they really operate worldwide. So, I think you may consider surfing their website and get to know this long- established and very useful project.



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