#Goblet releases its training portal. A step forward in training resources #sharing.

Technological advances in bioinformatics are so rapid that new strategies to share materials and resources are needed. Keeping up-to-date is not that easy, and only collaborative approaches can guarantee a proper diffusion of knowledge in the use of cutting-edge bioinformatics tools. On these bases, the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training, GOBLET, released a training portal that is available from their official website.

A centralised portal for sharing training material, courses, training events and all the stuff you may need to improve your bioinformatics skills, with a list of trainers and an announcement service. This portal is most likely to become a real milestone for many bioinformaticians out there. The release has been announced on Oxford Journals bioinformatics.

I am snooping around the website at this very moment, and I am finding a very wide collection of courses, seminars and material. Unfortunately, to fully enjoy the free material you need to be a GOBLET member, that is not free at all. Anyways, a good point for common bioinformatics knowledge improvement.

Read the paper on Oxford Bioinformatics.

Go to the GOBLET Training Portal website.


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