Proud to join the #HeForShe campaign.


The future of the planet depends on the possibility to enable the access to education and leadership for all women. In fact, women are the ones supposed to comply the harder, but very constructive duty to invent and manage peace.

Rita Levi Montalcini.

A couple of lines about the #HeForShe campaign are very needed. As a biologist, I often used to work along with women, and I think that everyone in Science will agree with me if I mention the importance of women in research. Unfortunately, gender discrimination and prejudice are still present in our faculties, especially in my country, Italy. I believe that calling men for action in this is a great idea. In spite of the unbelievably diffused idea that men and women are in competitio, sexism is something harming everyone, and must be fought back by anyone.

So, I enthusiastically join the #HeForShe campaign and call all of you guys to take action as well.



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