UbuntuOne is a goner. But Ubuntu still rocks.

Today I tried out the new version of Ubuntu, the 14.04 LTS stable release “Trusty Tahr”. I am still having a look to the whole thing, and I guess that another review on this Ubuntu version would be a pointless addition to the global information entropy. I’d better redirect you on some very interesting reviews out there such as this on ZDNet, or this other on OMG!Ubuntu!. Stable, fast and no big changes with previous releases, confirming the path the British software company developing Ubuntu is following for a while: make Ubuntu easier and better integrated with different devices.

The very bad news to me have come from the UbuntuOne Project. I was trying to understand how in the world could be that I couldn’t find the Ubuntu One application in my system, and why I couldn’t even install it from the Software Center. After a swift search on the web, I have found the sad answer. On the official Canonical Blog, Jane Silber (Canonical CEO since 2010) announces that Ubuntu One file sharing services will be discontinued with effect from June 2014. UbuntuOne is a goner. This took me a little sadness because, as many other UbuntuOne premium users, I enjoyed  the velocity and affordability of this file sync service. I remember when, during a cloudburst, my lab’s computer breakdown made me understand the importance of cloud technologies. Ubuntu one had saved my whole thesis work.

I will have to surrender to DropBox. Sad story.


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