A world map of High- Throughput Sequencers.

Just a quick post to report a small but really interesting project I found sifting through the Internet. Since a few years, the web is filling up with maps of different types. In the semantics of contemporary web language, maps represent the most chosen way to describe global- sized phenomena, and the development of new interactive and customizable maps software is enhancing up this trend. I would say that this “map mania” is affecting genomics too, but it wouldn’t make much sense, since genetics and genomics were already really familiar with maps years before any web trend. Anyways, if you already could find a map of the best places to pick up a girl in the world, or a map indicating the most paid job in any single US State, now you can also check the world wide distribution of NGS technologies. Omicsmaps.com shows a very detailed world map of High- throughput Sequencers. You can search through the institutes hosting an NGS by sequencer category (5, HiSeq, Illumina GA2…), jump directly to a chosen country and report the ones you know and are missing.

Just a couple of updates. I am writing my thesis, so this blog will slow down till winter holidays. I really would like to mention how looks depressing to me the NGS map of Italy, but I will save you from my complaints. Anyways, I am working on a post to explain the situation of research and knowledge politics in Italy. I am also working on the podcast and it will be ready in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned. Or better: PLEASE, try to stay as tuned as you can.



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