Learn Ensembl API on EBI's website. An open workshop.

The Ensembl database comes out with a strong and well documented Application Programming interface. I must observe that Ensembl is much better than other DBs such as Uniprot or NCBI, wich look more oriented in providing good graphical interfaces than facilitate programmers’ life, becoming a very good tool for wet lab biologists who need a small bioinformatics outline, but a slippery slope for bioinformaticians. But this is actually a my own preference.

If you happen on Biostar’s homepage, you can notice a link on the top directing you to an open workshop to learn the basics of Ensembl API. This will take you to a very detailed (and quite pleonastic) description of the course. There’s no need to apply or register. After getting you to browse in several introductory pages, the website gets you to a brunch of video classes you’ll enjoy for sure.

Ensembl API is written in Perl. And this is despicable to me since I am a proud Python fanboy. Note that this course won’t get you to learn Perl’s basics, and a small Perl knowledge is necessary.

So, if you want to learn Ensembl API, the links provided here will definitely help.


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