PyMOD, a PyMol plugin for embedding multiple alignments in homology modelling

The project I want to discuss today is probably the best thing that came out from my actual lab in the latest years (Bioinformatics Lab at Biochemistry Department of Sapienza University of Rome). Carried on by Emanuele Bramucci for his Master thesis, PyMOD is a plugin for the famous molecular visualization system PyMol and it has been released in 2011.

It represents a simple and user- friendly bridge between PyMol and other several applications of interest, such as PSI- BLAST, MUSCLE, CEalign, Modeller and ClustalW. Sequence similarity searches, multiple sequence-structure alignments, and homology modelling within PyMOL, as said on the homepage of the project. It is full supported for any OS (Windows, Mac OS and Linux), but not tested on PyMol 1.5 yet.

On the top, the video of a workflow example is embedded. I suggest you to visit the project’s homepage:

and enjoy the video and his delighting blues music. It really worths in any case.




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