A couple of links to understand the Biology of Zombies. Happy Halloween guys!

I must confess that I am wasting a good part of my precious time to graduate on an illegal streaming website where I do feast of Walking Dead episodes. As a biologist, I cannot help to be fascinated by the prespective of a parasite able to kill its host and restore the basal life function in order to spread itself. To be honest, we are not really info fiction, since the life- cicle of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, a parasite mushroom that infects ants’ brain causing them to respond to the mushroom’s will, it is a well- known fact. But the very human and very very orrific version of this, it is (luckily) a sublime fiction product.

The question I always happen to ask myself, while watching The Walking Dead, is what kind of host functions the parasite should restore in orther to make a dead body live again?

I cannot respond since I am a terrible neuroscientist, but I have found a couple of guys out there who did.

On this first article, Dr. Steven C. Schlozman, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, gives a very consistant overview of the possible mechanisms underlying a Zombie’s neurophysiology.

On Forbes, Alex Knapp cites the reflections of Bradley Voytek, that gives another interesting point of view on this issue.

But, if you want to be quick, you can still read this really pertinent fact- list on Zombies from an expert like Max Brooks.

Happy Halloween to everyone!


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