Evolutionary computing and 3D Virtual Creature Evolution. Check this seminar out.

I think I will definitely have to set up a seminars- dedicated category soon, since there are tons of interesting seminars around. In this one, Evolutionary Computing is explained. Evolutionary Computing is a branch of Artificial Intelligence computing that imports the principles of biological evolution in programming. The best known Evolutionary Computing issue are doubtless genetic algorithms, wich are becoming from year to year more involved in the implementation of algorithms for sequence alignment and structural prediction.

Lee Graham provides a good overview of Evolutionary Computing for the Ottawa Skeptics meeting. This video is quite dated, but still interesting. In order to explain his 3D Virtual Creature Evolution project, Graham gives a very good demonstration of the characteristics and potentials of evolutionary computing.

Basically, I’ve always thought that Evolutionary Computing represents a striking exception in modern science. There is a dogma in Scientific investigation that can be compared to the Molecular Biology Central Dogma. As in Molecular Biology it was originally stated that information flows from DNA to RNA to Proteins. we can say that in Science application is meant to flow from mathematical and base- sciences to Biology. The Molecular Biology Dogma has been denied by the revealing of reverse transcription mechanisms, and this “Science Application Dogma” has been denied by Evolutionary Computing since, at this time, is Logical Mathematics that takes advantage of theoretical principles defined in biology.

You can find other interesting videos in Leo Garham’s youtube channel.


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