Openworm. Understanding C. elegans by computational modeling

Simple and mysterious. The million times cited nematode Caenorabditis elegans is a small organism with only few hundreds cells in a constant number and a very simple structure. It is the perfect model organism for several wet-lab applications, from molecular biology to neurosciences. Anyways, the basis of its biology are not fully understood yet. An amazing attempt to insight the mechanism of this small worm it is carried on with the Openworm Project. A Java- based environment with a Python scripting interface is designed to build a theoretical model of a living C. elengans. The approach is of the bottom- up kind: observing informations that emerge from a simulation of data derived from scientific experiments in order to build a credible computer model. The software is maintained by a community in a full Open Source philosophy. Collaborations of individuals, researchers and philanthropists is very welcome.

So, if you are a java or python developer, a wet lab scientist, or maybe just a bit courious, consider to join this project. For a preview, the team organizes a Google Plus Hangout every two week. Everyone is invited.


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